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Gentle Volumising Shampoo -250:


Hair and scalp are gently but thoroughly cleansed with mild surfactants based on coconut, amino acids and sugar. Ginkgo extract balances the scalp, moisturises and protects against free radicals. Its circulation-boosting effect lastingly supports hair growth. Plant glycerine as a natural moisturiser prevents the hair from drying out, and whilst structurising wheat proteins supply strength, silky shine and volume. Special oat-based amino acids result in softness without weighing the hair down.


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Brush hair out and moisten with warm water. Distribute Volumising Shampoo along the parting of the scalp and lightly massage in. Lather up the hair again with water and then rinse. Tip: There is less foaming of the natural surfactants in Gentle Volumising Shampoo, so there won’t be a luxurious lather with the usual amount of shampoo. The cleansing ability is still outstanding, so don’t use too much.

Key Ingredients

  • Coconut surfactants, amino acids and sugar: mild detergents with extremely low irritation potential
  • Oat-based amino acid compounds: condition, improve and strengthen the hair structure
  • Ginkgo extract: strengthens and protects hair and scalp, boosts the scalp’s circulation, supplies moisture
  • Plant glycerine: natural humectant, e.g. from sunflower and rapeseed
  • Wheat proteins: large molecules that surround the hair shaft like a protective coating and specifically fill in damaged areas, are proven to increase volume


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