Intense Shampoo


Intense Shampoo – 250ml


The care shampoo with ginseng gently cleanses the hair and scalp with surfactants based on coconut, amino acids and sugar. These conditioning surfactants make the hair soft and easier to comb even during washing. Your hair’s natural shine and strength are maintained. Ginseng encourages hair resilience and strength, revitalises and mobilises the scalp. Natural essential oils provide a pleasant scent.

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Brush hair out and moisten with warm water. Distribute Intense Shampoo along the parting of the scalp and lightly massage in. Lather up the hair again with water and then rinse. Tip: There is less foaming of the natural surfactants in Intense Shampoo, so there won’t be a luxurious lather with the usual amount of shampoo. The cleansing ability is still outstanding, so don’t use too much.


  • Ginseng: Encourages hair resilience and strength with carbohydrates, peptides, minerals and saponins (surfactants, tensides), revitalises the scalp
  • Surfactants based on coconut, amino acids and sugar: gently cleanse and condition, making the hair soft and easier to comb even during washing.


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